scrabble babble

I have been scrabbling (playing scrabble online) of late. It takes my mind of other, more heady issues. I like to play random people. I go by another alias. I like to win. Here are my rules:

1. Play fun words.
2. No scrabble dictionary. It contains unwords. Playing unwords defeats the entire purpose of the game.
3. Do not lowball the triple words as a defense...either play something fantastic or give it up to a better play.
4. Appreciate your opponent. When they play that amazing 100 point bingo that blows you out of the water, fess up and mean it. Give praise. It shows who you are.


MacDoodle MacBean (Part 1)

Mackenzie Macdoodle Macbean
Wore a cape and mask colored green
He played hard all day
Chased the bad guys away
Kept his costume incredibly clean!

MacDoodle MacBean (Part 2)

One day he was walking along
Just skipping and singing a song
When out of the blue jumped one villain, then two
And, oh!, what they did was so wrong!

MacDoodle MacBean (Part 3)

The villains, you see, were pet thieves
Their shirts had gigantical sleeves
They put the pets there
But the cat and dog hair
Made them both uncontrollably sneeze

MacDoodle MacBean (Part 4)

The tall one was meanest by far
On his forehead a jagged red scar
He had yellowish eyes
His teeth were like knives
And his breath smelled like turnips and tar

MacDoodle MacBean (Part 5)

The small one wasn't so bad
His hat and his tie were both plaid
Though he wasn't that scary
His ears were quite hairy
And his face was remarkably sad

MacDoodle MacBean (Part 6)

When they saw mackenzie they ran
Knocking over the corner fruit stand
Watermelons and pears
Launched high up in the air
Seemed to dance on some secret command

MacDoodle MacBean (Part 7)

It was marvelous how they all fell
Where the thieves went the fruit went as well
The berries went "splat”
On that plaid yellow hat
And the shopkeeper started to yell

MacDoodle MacBean (Part 8)

Over the sound of the fruit vendor's grumbling
From the sleeves of the thieves came a rumbling
First a rip then a tear
Then a bursting of hair
From the midst of that gigantical jumbling

MacDoodle MacBean (Part 9)

The once-pilfered pets ran away
Happy at home they did stay
Mackenzie prevailed
The thieves were both jailed
and the friut vendor moved to L.A.